Impulsive Writing (05)

Two birds are sitting on a powerline, facing in opposite directions.

One bird is looking at a sunny green hillside dotted with grazing sheep and a few scattered horses near the top. The other is looking over a busy street in the town below. The first bird suddenly drops from the wire and flies to a clump of trees high on the hillside. The other stays a little longer, then swoops down over the street and lands on a parking meter.

* * *

Neither bird knows where the other went. Or why.



2 comments on “Impulsive Writing (05)

  1. Nice imagery – even without the photo. I can picture where each of the bird flies and let it spark my train of thought in to wondering what ever happened to any number of people I shared a brief moment in time with before flitting off to my next adventure…


  2. The photo is important, and you are good at starting with one and going somewhere interesting. This is closer to being a provocative poem than Impulsive 4–is a kind of parable. A little sharpening of the contrast in the images might help–but perhaps is not necessary.


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