Impulsive Writing (06)

Some dreams carry beyond sleep . . .


At 6:30 AM the alarm went off. She reached over, pushed the snooze button and began curling back to sleep. She was almost there…then suddenly remembered that an early conference call was scheduled that morning. Reluctantly, she threw the covers aside and swung her legs over the edge of the bed.

That’s when she began to sense that something wasn’t quite right; her feet touched the floor sooner than expected, as though the bed was lower than it should be, and her legs seemed lighter than usual. As she stood up and began moving toward the bathroom, she noticed it wasn’t only her legs that felt lighter…her entire body felt that way.

“I must still be dreaming,” she thought, as she stepped into the bathroom and closed the door.

* * *

Melissa was twenty-seven years old. By her own estimate she was too short, too fat and very oddly proportioned. And her face she thought to be a rather colorless rendition of a cubist painting. In fact she would consider the term “unattractive” as a mildly flattering way of describing her physical appearance. And while she had come to accept the way she looked, she nonetheless made a conscious effort to avoid being reminded of it. This morning was an exception.

* * *

When she closed the bathroom door, instead of going directly to the toilet she paused to look at herself in the full-length mirror on the back of the door. Her odd sensation of being taller and lighter was confirmed by what she saw reflected in the mirror. The naked, sleepy woman looking back at her was not only tall and slender, she was also unusually attractive.

“Ok, I am still dreaming,” she assumed, and instinctively began yawning and rubbing her eyes to help bring herself fully awake. She then looked down and began touching herself to verify that the image in the mirror was just a dreamy illusion. But her breasts, stomach, hips and legs looked exactly as they did in the mirror, and were also returning an unfamiliar sensation in response to her touch. Her reaction was mixed. It was wonderful to suddenly discover that she had the body of her dreams. But she was also feeling increasingly anxious about being late for work. It was that growing sense of urgency that forced her from the mirror and back to her morning routine.

She used the toilet, washed her hands and face, and brushed her teeth. By then she was fully awake, and had completely forgotten the dream she’d been having. It wasn’t until she began brushing her hair that she had a reason to look in the mirror again.

* * *

Melissa’s next-door neighbor was just about to step into the shower when he heard her scream. He quickly turned off the water, pulled on his pants, and ran out to the back yard. He listened intently for a minute or so, but there was no further noise coming from her place. The only sound was from dogs in the neighborhood who were barking in response to the same thing he had heard.

He really wasn’t sure what to do next. It might not be anything serious at all. Maybe she just had a bad dream. He decided to walk over and see if she would answer the door. He knocked a couple of times and softly called her name. Then waited. There was no response. He put his ear to the door and listened for any sign of activity inside. Nothing. He waited a little longer, then knocked again, only this time much louder…

* * *

The shock of glancing up and seeing a strange face in her bathroom mirror had nearly given her a heart attack. She screamed, dropped her brush, and backed out of the bathroom, slamming the door behind her. She stood in her bedroom for a moment, then grabbed her robe and walked quickly to the kitchen, turning lights on as she went. She knew she must have imagined what she saw in the mirror, but had no idea why.

Whatever it was, she didn’t have time to think about it right now. She needed to get ready to leave within a half hour or she’d be late. So she quickly put on some coffee, then hurried back to her bedroom to get dressed.

To be continued…

* * *

By William Lawson Posted in Writing

4 comments on “Impulsive Writing (06)

  1. The short passage left me waiting for more. And now I have to dream about an explanation. I’m not sure why but HP Lovecraft jumped into my mind.


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