Impulsive Writing (08)

If you could only walk in his shoes.

There once was a king who had everything. Except happiness. One day he decided to search the kingdom to find the happiest man. He would then walk for a day in the man’s shoes, and thus hope to learn the secret of his happiness.

After an exhaustive search the happiest man was finally discovered and brought, smiling happily, before the king.

Unfortunately, the man wore no shoes.

The king was found several years later sleeping happily and shoeless under a freeway overpass near Lake Woebegone, MN.



2 comments on “Impulsive Writing (08)

  1. This piece is complete–has a beginning, middle, and end modeled on a traditional fairy tale pattern, but in terms affirming the modern homeless as the truly happy people (as President Reagan said, “Don’t they choose to be homeless?) I think it would work best as a poem.

    Now, I’m moving on.


  2. This piece is indeed “complete”… though for me the term encompasses something slightly different than for Arnel. This is the thing that brought my William and me together (the “my” was neither a typo nor a Freudian slip). Thus, it is my sentimental favorite of all the ones here. I crown it the king of my heart-shaped world (for once I’m glad someone is not tip toeing through my soul on stilettos).


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