Impulsive Writing (10)


Popping Corn video proves cell phones may be responsible for permanent memory loss.

“Damn! That’s probably why I can’t remember Broderick Crawford’s name anymore! Next thing I know it will be Sophia Loren’s that’s gone!” With that ghastly thought in mind, he immediately pulls his cell phone out, gives it a kiss, then drop-kicks it over the bridge railing. As he watches it arc into the air it begins to ring.

Playing an excerpt of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony, the phone drops nearly a 100 feet to the water below, and sinks quickly to the bottom. A little over a second later, hand outstretched, he enters the water behind it. Unfortunately the river was only two feet deep at that point, and when his body was recovered it took the coroner’s assistant a good five minutes to remove what was left of the phone from what was left of his face.

* * *

Probably not the best way to “kick” a dangerous habit. 


3 comments on “Impulsive Writing (10)

  1. I was reading and simultaneously wondering if my phone would do me the irony of ringing. Well… maybe it wouldn’t have been ironic, but the read certainly had me smiling. Cute stuff… it was a dark and techy night…


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