Impulsive Writing (15)

News Flash! SUV Gives Birth To Twins

Tata Nano Twins

It’s got a windshield, steering wheel, tires…what more could you want?

“Well, how about profitability?”

“Sorry man, at a starting price of around $2,000 they had to leave that out, along with the power windows.”

“So…I guess they must use mainly volunteer labor?”

“Yeah, mostly.”

“Then how’s this going to become the ‘blueprint’ for the car of the future?”

“Well, it starts at the grassroots level…beginning with your local church. You see, everyone’s got to pitch in. Get on board, so to speak, and do some serious praying…”

“Come on, cut the crap. I’m serious. I mean it’s exactly the kind of thing we should be doing here. So why aren’t we?”

“That’s the multi-billion dollar question. For all the money we’ve recently dumped into the GM/Chrysler black hole, we could have bought around seven million of these Tata Nanos.”

“You’re kidding me!”

“Of course I am. After all, who would want seven million of these little fuel-efficient things running around, when you could pocket a worthless 17.4 billion dollar I.O.U. instead?”

“You’re sick.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right. Spend too much time trying to be logical I guess. Maybe I’ll give up math and take up drinking. I think that’s the formula the Romans used…”

Tata Nano Car


9 comments on “Impulsive Writing (15)

  1. Repeat after me, “Sustain the unsustainable”. For humans, a perceived stability is often favoured over the stress of resurrecting the original ingenuity which created the prosperity in the first place.


  2. Sustain the unsustainable. Sustain the unsustainable. Sustain the unsustainable. Sustain the unsustainable. Sustain the … Ok, it’s sinking in. Think I’ve got it. Now what? Keep doing it? Over and over? When can I stop? Never? Oh, damn, I don’t think I want to do that. For ever? Yuk! That’s stupid. You’ll pay me? Well, in that case. Sustain the unsustainable. Sustain the unsustainable. Sustain the unsustainable. Sustain… Wait a minute! If it’s not sustainable, how can I keep doing it? Oh, yeah…I see. I keep saying it until you run out of money. Gotcha. Sustain the unsustainable. Sustain the unsustainable. Sustain the unsustainable. Sustain the unsustain… Stop doing it? Really? But I’m starting to like it. Even thinking about adding a little music. You know, just to liven it up a bit. Besides, I just bought a new car, a boat, and a motorhome to tow it with. I mean, I GOT PAYMENTS TO MAKE! You’re out of money? You’re kidding me? Oh my god! That quick? I guess I should have seen it coming…

    (This comment will be replaced with an entirely new and enhanced version at the end of the model year. So stay tuned!)


  3. Too bad, you can’t buy them from me next time. I’ve shut down and opened up as a high risks money lender! Mwahahahah!


  4. “It’s got a windshield, steering wheel, tires…what more could you want?”

    Prestige. Sparkling bubbles, like in champagne. And above all power. Even if only the illusion of it.
    But I guess you have to be European to understand, and Eastern European to practice that.

    You would be surprised to see a side of me which you most probably would never want to come across in the first place. A side that has spent 2500 euro on a bag. That would spend even more on a Mercedes. That loves restaurants, hotels, clothes and jewelery. It hurts me even as I write this, cause I would also want to never come across this kind of “side” within me. Explaining why it is there is too long and painful a discussion, which I will spare you of. Let’s just say it involves rats to a certain extent.

    Reading this made me cry. Don’t ask me why, I have no idea. Maybe I am just crying over a lost childhood… or over the absence of a stone big enough to shatter all the mirrors with by means of one stroke. You know, the ones who don’t have the will power to just remove the mirrors from the wall need a stone or two. Usable to hit your culture-conditioned head against, too, by the way.


  5. “Let’s just say it involves rats…[and]…Maybe I am just crying over a lost childhood.”

    And why wouldn’t you climb from unhappiness toward something (anything) that promises the opposite? And how else is that promise defined except within one’s ‘cultural hive?’ Do not bees stay near or within it so long as there’s pollen to harvest, and honey to suckle?

    So why all the mirrors? Simple. They form the boundaries we live within…and serve to preclude any view of how life might be creatively defined and lived otherwise. Not surprising then, that what we see is mostly the ‘buzz’ within…and see little or nothing of a life without…


    Scary? Nope. Just the opposite. The only difference is: Nothing’s as its pretended to be, but instead is as it is. (Ok, maybe that’s a little scary. Until you discover how rich ‘IT’ can be…or at least what it, with honest effort, may become. :-)

    Just words. I know. But lacking a magic wand…how else does one express, with paper and pen, the feeling behind them?


  6. At least my mirrors don’t forsake me, they don’t leave me alone, and they look back when I look at them, which is more than you could ask from most people. I think I’ll keep them for the time being.


  7. Oh, and I would like to mention that I am NOT unhappy. At least not because of my mirrors, or because of bees, rats or cars. It’s other things, or the lack of them, that make me unhappy, things I would rather not mention at this point, things one can very easily understand even without magic wands! And then men run around saying they can’t understand women. Allah! Good night.


  8. My William, you should really consider using that shredder on me. If ponies can eat rainbows and poop butterflies, maybe your shredder eats me up and produces confetti, or flowers, or some more ponies – at any rate something that shuts up from time to time at the right moment. ;-)


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