Graphic Stimulation (01)

The difference between we and they.

What’s the difference between we and they?

Those who argue that they have no choice but to somehow salvage an unsustainable way of life are absolutely right. They really do lack any choice in the matter…until they’re able to see otherwise.

But we, being much smarter than they, seem capable of doing whatever we like, which includes making changes as the need arises…even if it means changing our way of thinking.

It’s very much like the Flat World mantra: Don’t go near the edge or you’ll fall off. And who does that apply to? Only those who believe it. All others (we smart ones, for example) are free to sail around an edge-less world.

Put another way, an empty closet can secretly ‘house’ any monster (or skeleton) you care to imagine…until you dare to open it.

But that still leaves the question: Who’s we, and who’s they?

That’s an easy one. They almost always agree there’s an answer (whatever it is). We, seldom do…agree, that is.

* * *

If you can figure out what any of that means, please let me know…


8 comments on “Graphic Stimulation (01)

  1. William, I dare say that the one who mocks the chains of his freedom is no more free than the one who accepts them with relative serenity. There can be answers to everything or there can be no answers at all. have you ever thought that for many the existence of answers is utterly irrelevant – simply because they don’t care about questions? It is only US (and here I am slightly answering your “who are we?” question) who thinks that everyone is running through life questioning and trying to understand everything at every step. I don’t mean to sound like Mother Theresa or the Holy Spirit, but the Bible phrased it exquisitely: fortunate those who are poor in spirit. For most people the world is neither round nor flat – it just IS. Regarding the choice issue: I don’t think we ever have a choice. Most probably here we could never understand each other, cause an American is much more prone to believe that he has an influence on what is going on in his life, whereas an Arab will say “maktub” (i.e. It was written) and place responsibility for everything in the hands of Allah. I believe in destiny, more than would be benefic for me. So freedom in my case is not really an option. I guess I rather fall into the category of those who do not have an option, cause they do not have a broader view of things. The only difference being that I am more scared by a round than a flat world. In a flat world there’s at least an edge you can fall down from when you’re sick and tired of everything. But in here you’re trapped.


  2. And I just realized how many typos and grammatical errors I have produced above. My only excuse is that it’s still very early over here, and that I’m still longing for coffee and a hot shower. Writing comments on WordPress is like showing up at church in a negligee and garter. Once the crime is committed, you cannot undo it. (sigh)


  3. The difference between WE and THEY is that for THEM You only are, and for US You always were and always will be. The US was, before THEY were even conceived of in thought… or, as I’ve said above: maktub ;-).


    • Thanks so very much for your absolutely brilliant explanation! It is so wonderful to finally have the meaning of those words made clear. But (and I hate to ask you this), could you now explain the meaning of what you’ve said? More especially, can I now put an end to any further fear? (He says, cautiously taking the banana from his ear.)


  4. Sure! No more fear and no more bananas. Turn on the blender and away it goes. Maybe add a couple of strawberries and some cream. Then take a glass and come out unto the porch. I have something important to tell you ;-).


    • So We are stupid and They are wise!? But if We were They, and They were We, do you suppose that We might think about Them otherwise? Clever, I think, to darken the light There, in order to make it brighter Here. But WAIT…maybe its the other way around!? (Maybe that’s what the dog on the right…who’s digging to the ‘unearth’ the smell of light…thinks he’s found?)


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