Graphic Stimulation (02)

Soft Porn?

Unusual Discrimination Suit Resolved

Yesterday the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals found in favor of Ms. “Slim” Pickens, a Bay Area masseuse who claimed her employer was unwilling to meet her special work requirements. It has since been learned that her supervisor has now reluctantly agreed to allow Ms. Pickens to work entirely nude by phone from home.


8 comments on “Graphic Stimulation (02)

  1. It seems like women are constantly asking you where you are :-))))

    William, if you put up this nightmare-inducing blond siren, and if I stopped here because I failed to plug my ears (or rather eyes) with wax, I think the least you could do is put up a picture of me, too. (Not on this post, obviously. ;-) )


  2. Women asking where I am? If so its generally a rhetorical question. The assumption-implication typically being somewhere in ‘outer space.’ :)

    As for a ‘Graphic Stimulation’ picture of you? I have a feeling you’re going to regret that request! (Just kidding! Maybe.)


  3. I was just kidding about the picture of me, too. Most probably you’d get comments like “William, I hope you’re kidding.” Anyway, I am trying hard to maintain the intellectual level of comments implied by your most wonderful blog, but I’m having a hard time… cats are just as playful as they are smart, as you may well know.


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