Identity Therapy (01)

(Created with help from the Pixton online comic strip program)


10 comments on “Identity Therapy (01)

  1. OK ALREADY! It’s a new year. Your silence is banging in my head. If I wrote something to tick you off ,I am sorry. If my conditions were to stringent ,again I am sorry. Pick up that mighty pen and say something. (“GO TO HELL” will not do.}


  2. Enjoyed Nancy’s first session, did ye? :)

    What can I say? Been holding my breath (and getting pretty damn ‘blue’) waiting for you! Where’s that copy you were going to send? Or…you’ve got the copy, and haven’t sent it because you don’t have my address? If the former, get on it bud! If the latter, drop me a note at the email address on my “About” page, and I’ll send it to you. Meantime, hitch that hoss, come on in, grab a chair, and wrap yer hands ’round a cup of New Year’s cheer!


  3. Wow, Dr. Nancy, it’s only 5 past 9 and you’re already up doing online therapy! Respect. I can hardly get down to university by that time… you have to teach me how you do it.


  4. Dr. Nancy asked me to answer this for her. Being a fifth level ‘Identity Seeker’ she no longer retains any recollection of how or why she manages everyday tasks. Anyway, as best I can tell the answer is quite simple: Her clock doesn’t work. The battery’s dead, and it’s been stuck at 9:03 for over a year.

    Please let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with…


  5. Actually you could, yes. As you seem rather well acquainted with spiritual leaders of doubtless value worldwide, I would really appreciate you delivering the following messages for me:

    1. To the Dalai Lama: Hi! Could you please tell people to stop writing email messages in your name telling me to save everything from the trees to the right of middle-aged imbeciles to wear socks in sandals?

    2. To my next-door neighbor: If you don’t turn off that radio playing the morning service live from the Romanian Metropolitan Chatedral in Bucharest every goddamn day I’ll have all of my 5 dogs write nightly emails to you for the rest of your despicable life.

    3. To the Easter bunny: I want him packed and shipped to my door (or room) by this evening, preferably wearing nothing but hair.



  6. I’ve left appropriate messages for both 1 & 2, but haven’t received a response yet. Unfortunately, number 3 was arrested and is now serving time somewhere in the promised land for having ‘mounted’ several pilgrims in a Temple one Sunday as they lay prostrate in prayer.


  7. Dear Doctor Nancy,

    I have been a good, good girl this spring. I have woken up almost every day at 6.30, gone to sleep before midnight, kept my fingers in my pocket (most of the time… OK, sometimes), organized a conference and a symposium, buried Jimmy decently and have limited my amount of four letter words per post to four.

    Now could you please tell Mr Hemingway to release the Easter bunny? We sort of need him around by Sunday morning.

    Have a beautiful, paxilic day,



    • Ms. Jade,

      I passed your request to Doctor Nancy, and this was her reply:

      “William, please advise Ms. Jade that I’ve spoken at length with Ernest about this matter and he has (grudgingly) agreed to her request. She may now expect to find the Easter Bunny freely visiting any and all Easter occasions or celebrations that care to have him. However, I would like to point out to all concerned that Mr. Bunny clearly suffers from an untreatable rabbitual disorder that leads him to ‘mount’ almost anything that moves, whether fuzzy/furry or not. Further, I understand that he is especially drawn to easter family gatherings in Eastern European countries which tolerate (or even encourage) such aberrant, unconflicted cultural behavior.

      P.S. Please also advise Ms. Jade that her stellar time-organizing/utilizing skills are admirable indeed. However, with respect to her difficulty maintaining control over her fingers, well…perhaps she might benefit from scheduling an appointment with me. For treatment of that kind of degenerative disorder I will gladly, at her convenience, make myself free (including my fee).”


  8. “However, with respect to her difficulty maintaining control over her fingers, well…perhaps she might benefit from scheduling an appointment with me.”

    At which point Jade (and her fingers) vacated Dr Nancy’s office through door, window and chimney simultaneously – whichever was closest at hand/finger.


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