Graphic Stimulation (04)

Kim Possible

A 100 words or less.

She ran into the bathroom, closed the door, stuffed teddy into the toilet, then closed the lid and flushed. But teddy was too big to flush, and the toilet began to overflow. Frustrated, she opened the lid, pulled teddy back out, ran into the hall, and threw him downstairs. Which was too bad for kitty, who was sleeping on the bottom step, and caught the full brunt of teddy’s fall. Hearing kitty screech, Mom immediately dropped the egg she was holding and ran from the kitchen to see what happened. And dad, dozing on the front porch, also heard the noise and came rushing in. What they found was startling. At the bottom of the stairs lay a soggy teddy, and up above, hand on hip and glaring down at them, was their six-year-old daughter Kim.
“So, how’s that for a start?”

“Come on Dad, that’s stupid. Besides, it’s way over 100 words!”

“Look, you asked me to write a sample story to go with your drawing. So I did. I’m sorry it’s too long. But that’s no big deal. Just find some words you don’t like, and erase them. Or, even better, write your own damn story.”

“Very funny. Could you at least give it an ending?”

“Sure. How’s this?”

Kim looked down at her parents, shrugged, then returned to her room, packed some clothes, and left that night to join the circus.

“You know what, Dad? You’re an a**hole!”

“Maybe. And that reminds me…do you think she’ll need money for bus fare?”

* * *

I have to credit my six-year-old daughter for the “Kim Possible” drawing, which she did a few days ago. But I’ve been instructed to point out that she was not a participant in the fictional ‘drama’ depicted above. (Which, sadly, consumed 239 perfectly good words in the telling.)


6 comments on “Graphic Stimulation (04)

  1. I dunno, I find it entirely likely in this day and age that a six year old would call their father an a__hole. Ha! Cute story, and great line drawing by a six year old– good job kiddo! :)


  2. William, you have a daughter? How old is she? Does she live with you?… I want to know everything… (I’m on Katze-mode again).


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