Hermit Haven “More Stuff”

Narration and graphic selection by your’s truly. Text is from “More Stuff” posted on Hermit Haven’s blog. Produced with Camtasia Studio 6.


18 comments on “Hermit Haven “More Stuff”

  1. Ahh, some perspective on stuff…

    I’d say this just about sums up living in 2010… Just a lotta stuff and my compulsion to make some order and sense of it. Maybe it’s all just stuff, and that’s it.


  2. Sorry for not posting something philosophically intelligent here, as might be expected. All I have to say is: damn sexy voice!…


  3. “…damn sexy voice!” I think I need to re-tune my ears, ’cause all I seem to hear is poor articulation and marginal timing. Anyway, this was just a rough draft. A smoother, more dynamic (sexier?) version will be coming shortly. :-)


  4. I just remembered this – a perfect match for the discourse in this video:

    I’m anxiously awaiting the (even)sexier version! Though I still stick with what I said above. Stroking velvet voice you have….


  5. Drool drool drool x100000000000000000000000000000000

    I lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve your voice……………

    PS Let’s go to New Orleans and have some crepes. Or anything else. As long as we stay away from the Queen, I’m in for any deal (that woman scares the shit out of me).

    PPS I lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve your voice


  6. Mr Lawson, I have this distinct feeling that we’re gonna have a word or two on your personal understanding of “censored”. [I need a smiley rapping its fingers, or even better nails, on a desk]. Those debatable women are still there, as far as I can see. The Supreme Court of Feline Censorship (and the Pope too, I think I can convince him to join) demand an urgent re-evaluation of this visual orgy here. Remember, there are little kitties around, innocent, frail and easily impressible girls at a decisive age in their psychic development, who could easily get the wrong message from this. What should they read into this? That you like women in short skirts? We hope to hear from you soon, with a proper re-evaluative plan of your chef d’ouvre. Meanwhile we are enclosing this missive in a caress and sealing it with an (uncensored) kiss.


  7. hermits don’t consort with loose women Since it takes two to tango hermits never tango Hermits never get lost in a crowd hermits never ask for a table for two hermits walk single file hermits never use pick up lines Lastly hermits don’t drive welcome wagons march in parades or man information booths For further information visit HermitCentral.com


  8. 1. You go ahead and touch any short skirts Mr. Lawson and blood will immediately start dripping from your neck!!!

    2. Oh thou king of all hermits,

    I dare say loose women usually don’t consort with anyone, otherwise they’d be Laura Bush, and not loose women. Apart from that, consorting involves a certain degree of tightness (e.g. of space though not necessarily) which also contradicts the loose part. Last but not least, too much loose stuff makes you lose it in the end. In which case the only ones you will consort with are your psychiatrist, and maybe Jimmy boy. If we manage to get him out of those woods where he hid from Mr. Lawson’s wrath.

    2. OK, I’m with you on the tango part. Let’s leave that to Al Pacino and the Chipmunks. But what about waltz? Or maybe Lambada? The latter, for instance, does not take two. It can be as many as your heart desires. Always according to the principle “the more, the merrier” (implicitly “the looser/loser”).

    3. Never ask for a table for two? I agree. Real man don’t ask for tables, they demand them.

    4. Not even in the Gay Parade? That is not very politically correct of you to say, I’m afraid. Actually it is quite discriminating. I am afraid this calls for another intervention on part of the Supreme Court of Censorship.(The Vatican graciously abstains from interfering, lest anything regarding this issue might BACKfire at some point).


  9. “I dare say loose women usually don’t consort with anyone, otherwise they’d be Laura Bush…”

    [I don’t think I’m ever going to forget the subtle (double?) implication(s) of that line. I have the feeling you were born to be a brain surgeon…and for some reason decided to use words, instead of a scalpel, for cutting into the ‘patient’ mind. In your hands at least, words are clearly the sharper of the two. :-)]


  10. My William, I actually studied two years to become a brain surgeon. I quit when I was told in Bucharest that the only professor one could have really learned something from, did not accept women as residents on the mere grounds of their being women. It’s either you can read minds, or we are one soul inhabiting two different bodies. Or both of the above ;-).


  11. Well…drooling is as drooling does…you know where I stand on that issue…but well done nevertheless. Very clever. As for the voice, well, you have what you have, I prefer less smooth but it works well with this particular piece. And the George Carlin reference is perfect, jade ;-)


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