Transcending Mortality

The bridge of dreams–the phrase reverberates–
Suggesting flights of spirit, or of mind,
Transcending all that’s physical, that waits,
Along with poor mortality, behind.
To pass beyond the sense of time and place,
To find pure Being in infinity,
To contemplate the Godhead, see the face
Of all that’s faceless, all we cannot see,
Become as one with nothing, and with all,
Embracing past and future in a breath.
And if the world you left behind should call,
Respond with cosmic laughter, saying, “Death,
You have no power over me, it seems,
For I’ve escaped. I’ve crossed the bridge of dreams.”

Poem written and read by my good friend (and older brother), Robert Lawson. (From his recently published novel, The Bridge Of Dreams. A Great book!)


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