Graphic Stimulation (07)

Waiting at the park

Why Weight?

There was a stout man who was late
for a very important first date
with a woman so thin
you could see her chin
at the bottom of her grin
which is why heavyset men
shaped with boundless chagrin
their excuses for ‘gaining’ her wait.
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5 comments on “Graphic Stimulation (07)

  1. Her legs were so thin that, even while wearing stilettos, she had no calves…a totally unique phenomenon.

    Give her black stockings, and black gloves, and she would appear to be a disembodied head…


  2. I thought it really cool really neat I say that from deep within my retreat I find it brings a long lost poem to my mind I’l share it even though I’ve too much wined : Honey From your feet on up you are oh so sweet But from your ankles on down you is too much feet


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