Graphic Stimulation (08)

What’s a Mental Nudist look like?

“Yuk! Talk about a can of worms! No wonder we keep our thoughts to ourselves!”

“What…you can’t stand reality? Sure, sometimes it ain’t pretty. But, hey, when the truth is laid bare it isn’t always a bouquet of roses.”

“I’m not talking about the truth! What the hell does the truth have to do with walking around with your brains exposed?”

“Well, you do have a brain don’t you? And isn’t it always there, whether you see it or not? And what’s so bad about it being exposed some of the time? Would you prefer spending your entire life in a state of denial…always masking the source of your thoughts beneath a fashionable ‘Doo’?”

“Wait a damn minute! Isn’t that like saying I should expose my intestines occasionally just so I’m fully aware of how I produce poop?”

“Nope. Because I think exposing YOUR brain would reveal that as well…”

“You calling me a sh*t head?”

“Nope. But sometimes I do get the impression that you have sh*t for brains.”

(Shortly thereafter the conversation became somewhat physical, and singularly unprintable.)


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