Graphic Stimulation (10)

(Graphic from The Great Illusion)

If you were somewhere on these stairs, would you rather be going up, or coming down?


4 comments on “Graphic Stimulation (10)

  1. My honest answer isn’t appropriate since your question is so binary. But, if I have to chose up or down, I chose up– and only under the condition that that the beauty of this staircase is an indication of where it leads! In that case, up, over, forward, toward, into, and bound describe movement towards the future and I believe that the path or journey is always more exciting than the arrival and the exit.

    This world is far to bent on instant gratification…

    I miss you William, and I hope that you are well and happy. I am.

    Love, Michelle.


  2. Hi William, Thank you for posting this I came by early this morning and your question made me really think. At that present time I would have quite honestly said, “UP, UP DEFINITELY UP!!!” That was enough of a response for me to go away and rethink why I so want to escape.
    Well…. I’m back, I have written out, painted out, sang out and prayed out my complete frustration. Now I will say I’m coming down…. after all, life IS a gift. Love Lisa. x


  3. This picture could mean so much more than the initial thought of heaven and earth, death and life, here and there. The beauty upon the path for instance, is it an indication of where the staircase leads and if so which end is it symbolising. Is this illusion of stairs actually going anywhere or is it just built purposely to view what we already have, giving us the opportunity to appreciate things from a higher perspective and perception. I’m sorry to go on, but the two doves are so much higher and separated from the other one that is just landing, so for me this doesn’t just symbolise that loved ones my have gone before. But also the doves could be a sign of love or inspiration from a greater much higher source. In answer to your question I think I’d stand myself on the beach to see how the stairs are made and look at the reflection of them upon the sea. Thank you for sharing this wonderful picture with us.


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