Impulsive Writing (23)

Graphic by Fitzpatrick – Stimulous: This Week On TV by Hermit Haven

Want to stop watching the same old crap on TV?

Buy a harmonica. Connect its mouth side to the end of a hand-powered vacuum cleaner. Turn the crank in either direction, depending on whether you want to produce sucking or blowing notes.

Meadow Muffins

Once you’ve practiced a little, grab a magazine (you’ll want something to read while grinding, as it gets boring and tediously tiresome fairly quickly), place a bowl of fresh meadow muffins* within easy reach, set your alarm clock to sound after 24 minutes (which is the typical ‘content’ length of a half-hour TV show), start your video cam, then begin cranking out the background music for your very first (potentially ‘viral’?) episode of “Reading A Magazine”

After around 100+ episodes of RAM, you will no doubt have lost any further interest in watching an endless succession of mindless TV programs. Which is a good thing, because you can then dedicate many more of your waking hours to undisturbed sleep.

* An old west term for horse manure


One comment on “Impulsive Writing (23)

  1. Thanks for the “like” for my post on the movie What a Way to Go – as a result I’ve connected through your blog to some great sustainability folks. I hadn’t realized how isolated I had become. Nice work.


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