Graphic Stimulation (15)

Where Did The Wonder Go?

Where did the wonder go?

There’s so much to see
learn, touch and feel.

We paint our own picture
don’t we?

Are there any limits
to the colors or
brush we choose?

Or to the canvas we use?

And why is it
we define each moment
with an ink pad and
rubber stamp instead?

Where did the wonder go?

“It’s here,” the moment said.
“And there, and everywhere.”

“But first you must set aside
your rubber stamp,

and away your mirror throw.”


6 comments on “Graphic Stimulation (15)

  1. ‘…an ink pad and rubber stamp’ reminds me of when I first put nail polish on my fingers and toes. I wondered at the time why I felt compelled to mimic what all the other girls were doing. Then I quit wondering and just did it. Still do.

    Yes, ‘wonder’ really does seem to disappear early on. Concealed, as you suggest, under a thick layer of conditioned and/or reflected behavior. In any case, your poem has made me think.



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