Graphic Stimulation (18)

Graphic Stimulation 18From TED: “A Doctor’s Touch” (Painting by Luke Fields)

I will be with you, to the end.

* * *


2 comments on “Graphic Stimulation (18)

  1. How many times have i conveyed an obscure bit of information to my doctor only to be totally ignored That I have vowed will never happen again as I have sworn to demand a response I will be in charge of my body not this educated lump in a white jacket


  2. This TED Presentation underscores what’s happened to education in general. (See Duh?!) Contrast the ‘intimately engaged’ Dr. House, for example (a character also based on the teachings and practice of Joseph Bell) to the crowd of robotic ex-members of the High School Marching Band who currently populate the medical profession today. Care, concern, hands-on intimacy…all gone it seems. (Replaced by the steadfast ‘lumps’ marching in white or ‘green’ uniforms to the lock-step strains of our new National Anthem, entitled “Going Through The Motions.” ;-)


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