Point Of View (01)

Time To Swarm

Pointing Fingers

Bees swarm when a hive runs out of honey.
But before that occurs, do they see it coming,
or do anything to prepare?

And when it happens,
who do they blame?
The queen?
The hive?
The countryside?

Of course they shouldn’t blame themselves.
After all, they’re just bees. Right?

* * *

(Read an excellent article on: Self-Responsibility)


5 comments on “Point Of View (01)

  1. Just bees suh! Just bees you say Whole industries are built around those bees The navy has sea bees some have bees in their bonnet and some are said to be the bee’s knees Perhaps I spoke too soon Perhaps none of this is any of my bee’s wax I must have an article on bees somewhere on a table here I am sure


    • Yes, bees suh! Coincidentally, my daughter’s great-grandfather spent 11 years in a Siberian Gulag where the average life expectancy was six months (i.e., not a pleasant place, climate-wise and otherwise). When he was finally released (weighing around 90 lbs) he began raising bees, was gradually able to make a living doing it, and thus did it for the rest of his life. He loved bees. And, not surprisingly, whenever they had a problem…he pointed the finger at himself, and tried to make it right.

      And what’s the point? Simply this: People need to memorize that famous quote on Truman’s desk: “The buck stops here.” And perhaps begin taking FULL responsibility for their lives. And also bear in mind that ‘Gulags’ (regardless of what shape they take) only exist when humans hive.


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