Point Of View (02)

Point Of View 02

Sometimes when I look in a mirror
I’m a little confused by what I see.
But after a second or two,
that feeling fades away,
And then all I see
is me.

(Look only at my lips
and perhaps you’ll see
what I mean.)

As with most things in life
what you see or don’t
depends on how its seen.


8 comments on “Point Of View (02)

    • The graphic is just meant to illustrate how easily we are able to transform what is actually seen into what we expect to see. If you’ll loosen your focus a little, I think you’ll see what I mean. ;-)


  1. I think I get the point: If you don’t look at, or directly focus on those tiny (mirrored?) faces filling her eyes, then you otherwise see what appears to be a normal face. Yes? ;-)


    • I agree re perspective (i.e., point of view). It IS everything. As for the images, any time I come across an especially interesting graphic on the internet I save it. Then I shuffle through them occasionally looking for one that sparks a creative thought. I might use it as is, or pull it into PhotoShop and play with it a bit. Which is what I did with this one (click here to see the original). As you will see, the eyes are just a black space. That’s what stimulated me to think about what those eyes might be seeing. And that thought quickly grew into what you see here…which changes in perception…depending on your ‘point of view.’ ;-)


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