New Age Of Enlightenment (02)

New Age Of Elightenment 02


6 comments on “New Age Of Enlightenment (02)

    • Yorick was tickled to learn that he made you smile, and told me to let you know he’d love to give you a broad grin in return. But unfortunately he’s misplaced his lower jaw…and hopes you’ll understand. ;-


    • No kidding? Wow! Thank you!

      But wait a minute…that’s not anything like the “Biker’s One Night Stand Award” is it? I hear the winners aren’t always pleased with the additional interest they get as a result. ;-)


  1. I think I would love anthropologists some way off in the future to find my remains inside a phone booth inside an auto scrap yard and listen to them try and figure out what the devil is the significance of this


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