Graphic Stimulation (21)

Graphic Stimulation 21

Peace Without Fun?

Curiosity dies when
preoccupation within
creates little doubt
that seeking without
begets only illusions
without conclusions?

Quiet’s gained from
closing the door;
trading sounds without
for the hum within,
seeking space empty,
scrubbed of conflict
from the outside in?

Or is there
no difference
whether eyes are
turned outward
or rolled in?

But in either case
does it end the fun,
or is it thus begun?

* * *


4 comments on “Graphic Stimulation (21)

  1. Thought provoking! I love the photo…what a wonderful contemplative pose. I don’t know the answer to your question. Maybe the answer changes with time and circumstance? Thank you for writing! ~ Sheila


    • Thanks Sheila! I didn’t expect much (if any) response to this. Partly because it was stimulated not just by the graphic, but also by a sad conversation with a (very) unhappy, spiritual-seeking friend…who, in seeking answers ‘with-in,’ seems to be losing all joy ‘with-out.’


    • Wisdom is somehow related to reality? Wow, if that’s true there are thousands of self-help books (e.g., “The ten best ways to navigate in a flat world…”) that will need to be re-written (or at least re-titled)! ;-)))


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