Impulsive Writing (25)

Freedom Of Choice?

They pointed and said:

“You will do what
we tell you to do.”

Should we run away,
or stay and do
as we’re told?

Or maybe we should say:
“You can go to Hell.”
And push them away.

Its a choice
we make everyday.

Yet did they go,
or did they stay
(and have their way)?

And how can we know
for certain if we
told them yes or no
unless they tell us so?

* * *

(Talk about a tangled, joined at the hip relationship!)


10 comments on “Impulsive Writing (25)

  1. Past and present joined at the hip? If so, then what kind of future results from telling them to go to hell? Maybe better to point them in the opposite direction? Just a thought. ;-)


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