Impulsive Writing (26)

Meaning Of Love?

Love (noun/verb) evolved from the Ice Age word ‘lugh’ (pronounced ‘lugggh’) which was used interchangeably to mean either dragging a heavy weight (e.g., a walrus or baby whale carcass) a long distance over an icy surface, and/or the mixed smell of sweat and rancid fat which resulted from that effort…especially if it was a long haul. Eventually the two meanings were separated, the former becoming simply ‘lug’ (or sometimes ‘tug’), and the latter shortened to ‘ugh’ (‘lugh’ without the ‘ell’)…which later, for reasons unknown, gradually evolved into present day English usage as ‘love’ (or ‘luv’).Ice Age 'Lugh' (Love)

Given the complex etymology of the word’s meaning, it is little wonder that contemporary usage (or meaning) is difficult to fully comprehend, or properly express. Especially in an environment so removed from an Ice Age level of emotional clarity, simplicity, and objectivity of purpose. In short, to say ‘I lugh you’ back then would have had a much heavier, far more measurable sensory connection to reality than it does today.

* * *

Stimulated by the post “Love… Rendered” by Jeff at Omphalos Cafe


11 comments on “Impulsive Writing (26)

  1. Much thanks, and as I delve deeper into the CiderPress my head begins to whirl, I get giddy, my words slur. This place beats a month of ‘freshly pressed’. Many layered and laughter leavened–what else is there?
    Kudos William


    • Thank you Jeff! A compliment of that magnitude is difficult to square with reality, but I’ll learn to live with it! ;-)

      Likewise, I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve seen of your site, and look forward to being further ‘stimulated’ by what I read there. Ditto, regarding Kudos!


    • Good to see you Carson! I always enjoy reading your posts (subscribe through email), and this reminds me to get to your site more often to let you know. And you’re right, “Either way, you gotta…” deal with “…that weight.” ;-)


  2. “Ugh?” Well, maybe that usage also morphed into different meanings; i.e., “Ugh! You smell terrible! But I’ll ‘(h)ugh’ you anyway because I ‘lov’ you for ‘(t)ugh(ing)’ that stinky ‘(b)lugh(er)’ all the way home!” (Oh…but now that you’re back, I’d really ‘love’ you to jump in the car and go buy something to get rid of the stink!. Whew!)

    Yes, how times have changed. ;-)


    • Ahhhh, Xscortia….you really do know how to ‘twist a tune’ with your words! ;-)

      (I’m very glad to see you’ve begun to post again. I think you’ll find it gets easier, especially if you allow your pen freedom to roam. Try it. I think you’ll see what I mean.)


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