Impulsive Writing (27)

Impulsive Writing (27)

What is it?

What one believes is hard to imagine;
What one imagines is hard to believe.
Reality? It bridges the space between.

The purpose of looking
is not to understand
but to freely see.

(But of course many,
about that,
may disagree.)

* * *

Graphics by Geraldine Gorges


7 comments on “Impulsive Writing (27)

  1. Took me a bit to mentally digest the ‘bridging’ relationship, the graphic, and what tied both to the stanza below. Not easy…but I think I got it. In any case, the eyes in the box illustrate that ‘understanding’ is entirely defined by context (the ‘boxed’ view). Look beyond that context and who knows what you’ll see. Right? ;-)


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