Impulsive Writing (28)

Impulsive Writing (28)

“If you were given a year to follow these steps to wisdom, what would you do?”

That’s an easy one.  I’d spend the year with myself as I was when very young. So young in fact that everything I saw was fresh and clear…entirely uncluttered by outside interpretation or fear. And, as I did then, would ignore instructions, put my nose to the ground, and follow each engaging scent…until a better one was found.  And I would continue doing that for not just a year, but until my life was spent.

“But the question is, would you–could you–achieve wisdom as a result?”

No, I think not. For most, achieving ‘wisdom’ implies there’s an end to the trail…where there’s no further scent to follow, nothing further to explore, and that the view from that ‘peak’ is bound by certainty. But to others, that defines the ‘pinnacle of ignorance,’ under which curiosity has been buried.

“So is that what you would teach?”

The desire to follow one’s nose is not a subject that can be taught. It is instead a ‘trait’ that you’ve either got…or not. For example, how many teenage boys need to be ‘taught’ to pursue their interest in female anatomy? And is that desire lost, once they’ve ‘got atop?’

“Does that mean you have no respect for wisdom?!”

Let’s put it this way: I could no doubt become blissfully peaceful, spiritually wealthy, and ideally wise…by taking a tranquilizer, putting a clothespin on my nose, and tying a bandanna over my eyes.


“Beliefs form the boundaries of our imagination…beyond which we cannot see.” – QuengWe


12 comments on “Impulsive Writing (28)

  1. love the quote you added in the top. your post itself is equally wise and insightful. i believe wisdom cant be attained by some method or practice. it comes by itself all we have to do is keep our mind open and keep searching.


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