Gift Of Words

William Lawson - Scottish Rebel

No words can be more worthy spent
when used to gift accomplishment
* * *

Among the many warm thoughts of family on this Thanksgiving day, my mind has wandered back in time to my Great (times 5) Grandfather William, who was known as the “Scottish Rebel.” He was a Braveheart of his era, but thankfully wasn’t gutted; instead, when fifteen years old, he was captured after the battle of Culloden, spent a year in prison, and then sent to the Colonies (America) aboard a ship…to be sold on arrival as an indentured servant for a period of seven years. But not long after arriving in Virginia, he managed to escape into the woods, then headed for the ‘wilderness’ of North Carolina. Within two years he acquired land, married Rebecca (her last name remains uncertain), and began to farm and raise a family. In later years he served as an officer in the Revolutionary War, and thus achieved his teenage desire to finally rid his life (and land) of British rule.

When I think of William and Rebecca, I find myself wishing it were possible to reach through time and thank them personally (as I would so many others, before and after them)…for making it possible to be here with my family, enjoying yet another very special Thanksgiving Day!

* * *

(P.S. William lived to the age of 95…and I suspect he’d be pleased to see his Scot(ch) ‘attitude’ is still very much alive and well, as depicted in the following clip :-)


When the bellowing stops
what really counts
isn’t what’s said,
but shown below

* * *


22 comments on “Gift Of Words

  1. I intended to say something about Irish whiskey…being as my family is irish which isn’t apparent becasue of my last name (kept the married one) which is undeniably Scottish – please excuse my spelling if I got that wrong… but the n I remembered that the other half of the ex is from Poland….and it’s a ll a big mix up. Nevermind the other than Irish that is in the rest of my family. Whew

    So instead I will say it does sound like your turkey day was meaningful and enjoyable. Being thankful for family all the way to our roots is really the crux of the biscuit…..definately better taken with a belt of good Scotch – or Irish Whiskey.
    Peace :-)


    • Being Scottish in name only seems the very pinnacle of frugality! And ’tis quite true that family is often best taken (indured?) in concert with a stiff “belt” (literally as well as figuratively). ;-)


    • Thank you! And, yes, I know exactly what you mean. It would be hard to imagine life without the freedom we now enjoy. Thinking of my Great…Grandfather (not to mention the film “Braveheart”) is a gut-level reminder of the heavy price so many have paid to obtain it.


  2. Have you read Diana Gabaldon’s “Outlander” series? Your great-great sounds like he’d have fit as a character in her books… ;)


    • No, but I suspect you’re right. I just browsed her website, read a synopsis of “Outlander’ (the first book in the series), and am now off to Amazon to pick up a copy. Very much looking forward to reading it. Thanks! ;-)


      • One of my very favorite series of books I think I have read it over at least 3 times. Everytime a new one comes out I reread the previous ones. I noted the similarity as well, IN fact I wanted to go searchng for my copies as its been a couple years., Its a wonderful wonderful series to get lost in. My problem was I would not want to put them down and then would be sad when I finished them AND have quite a bit of things I needed to catch up on. :-)


        • I’m not surprised! I downloaded a copy of ‘Outlander’ to my Kindle…which I now carry with me everywhere, and ‘grab a read’ every chance I get. Great story, great writing…and it really does bring to life a strong sense of what it was like ‘back then. In short, I’m loving it! ;-)


  3. Love the headstone.,,”husband of Rebecca.”. I have often wished I could know more about my ancestors, who came from Scotland, Ireland, and England. Don’t know that there were any characters among the bunch quite as colorful as William! What a great story.

    Hey, wanted you to know I am passing the Versatile Blogger award on to you! For rules, see my blog post from today, 12/4/11. Hope you enjoy, and thank you for the inspiration! ~ Sheila


    • I have a feeling that none of them were quite as ‘colorful’ as we’d like to imagine. But in any case, I would truly love to know more about them all. I’ve just always felt that I am, who I am, mostly because of them. All of them. And I just know how they would feel if they could know that someone in the future would/could look back and be thankful that they were who they were…without reservation. Not a bad spirit to pass along to both future and past, don’t you think? I suspect you probably know exactly what I mean. ;-)


  4. You know what I do know exactly what you mean To think that your words will long remain long after you are gone To think that maybe just maybe you have touched someone in some mysterious wonderful way Perhaps you did manage to do something positive in the time you visited earth


    • Each time I look at that photo I imagine the incredible drama and hardship(s) depicted by those few words. Makes me think how I can help insure that what we’ve gained in the meantime…isn’t lost.


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