Impulsive Writing (29)

Impulsive Writing (29)

Tonguing A Grunt?

For years I’ve listened to dogs barking, yet still can’t really distinguish any substantial difference (in meaning) between one bark and another. Somehow I get the feeling that ‘texting’ is heading in a similar direction. Or perhaps we’re in the process of reverting back to our original, grunt-based paradigm.

And why not? Almost everything that’s being said anymore could easily be packaged in a ‘grunt.’ And most of the time you don’t really need to distinguish one grunt from another…’cause no one really cares what you’re saying anyway. Nor you they.

For example:

*Umphg!” (Say what?)

Umphgg!” (Screw you!)

Umphgh?” (Really?)

Umphgff!” (Damn right!)

Umphxd?” (Wow, when?)

Umphyfy!” (Right now!)

Umphok?” (On my iPhone?)

Umpdxt!” (Yeah, a txt quickie!)

Umphf*y!?” (Like that?)

Ummmm!” (Wow. Yeah, that WAS quick!!!)

Umphgby!” (Ok, glad you enjoyed it. Gotta go. See ya later.)

Umphgyor…Grrr” (Yeah, ok. Hey…don’t forget to brush your teeth! ;-)


14 comments on “Impulsive Writing (29)

  1. Umphlurr! (Love the grunts and the picture) :)
    I must admit, I have tried receiving some text messages which I didn’t understand because they were written in some kind of compressed 1337-speak. Like “c u l8r” only longer…


    • You’re not alone! Sometimes it takes me upwards of five minutes to ‘analyze’ an occasional ‘tweet’ I get from my youngest daughter. Only to realize it was hardly worth the effort. Arrrgg! ;-)


    • Maybe you should spend a little time listening to the conversations between monkeys at the zoo. What do you think they’re calling each other? Or saying to you. My guess is that most of it isn’t printable! ;-)


  2. I like texting, but I’m a strange person who actually spells out my words. I don’t like the short cutting that has become so common with texting and emailing…one of those generational things probably! ~ Sheila


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