Impulsive Writing (30)

“I defy any poet to deny ever having written about the trials and joys of writing poetry. All the Greats have.”Ca3(PO4)2 – A Creative Journey (by Rivenrod)

Well, I’ve never written anything about writing poetry so I guess I ain’t one…much less one of the ‘Greats.’ In fact I’m so unsophisticated as to still believe that poetry evolved to make oral story-telling easier to remember and repeat. Only after printing and publishing became commonplace, did the ‘meaning of poetry’ begin to morph into something that words alone could no longer describe, especially if no longer crudely ‘shaped’ by using rhythm or rhyme. In other words, it was no longer simply a means of relating a story, but instead became the story…whether ‘memorable’ or not. (After all, once printed, what was said could not be so easily forgot! ;-)

For example…

A Poem Becoming Poetry

I find that…

Poems (of mine)
usually rhyme
if there’s time.

But probably not
if they’re thought
then soon forgot.

As for meaning,
Its like dreaming:

You like to feel
you’re at the wheel,
and turning it for real;
deciding what’s right
and what’s not.

But when you awake
you better write quick
before meaning fades
and all those words
so deeply thought
so creatively wrought
rush back to amend
a void in the pot
where rainbows end
and dreams begin…


or not.

in the room there was
no unwashed hand to
blot the force from
that dim light above
the frame of doors
hanging limp on hinges
forged from fear
or joy to seal a
child’s lips to
stiffened paddles of
sailboats. (Not ships!)

(I would go on but
cabbage has begun
ominously to sprout
from my fingertips.)

* * *


16 comments on “Impulsive Writing (30)

    • You sir, are the Grand Depositor of words. You who leave a trail behind which leads to meaning(s) never known before. He who follows your lead (pronounced ‘led’) will achieve heights never either claimed nor gained before. But speaking well of me, on the other hand, is a little like polishing the knob on an empty closet door. (“Pointless…” quoth the Raven, “…need I say more?” ;-)


    • A ‘touch’ of humor? Just a ‘TOUCH’ and nothing more? Oh, my god, and here I thought it was literally oooozing humor from every pore! (It was then he heard the Raven, laughing as though craven, after having pooped the word “Nevermore!” on the floor! ;-)


  1. I think you are right, those ancient fellas used to wander from village to village rhyming the news, can you imagine the news on the tele in rhyme!! ha ah ah actually i might watch it if it was! c


    • I think you’re on to something! Imagine the latest ‘Occupy’ news presented in iambic pentameter? At the very least it might prompt a quicker resolution to whatever it is that ails them! As in, “Little birds are playing bagpipes on the shore, where the tourists snore.” “Thanks, oh thanks, ’tis thrilling. Please take, Oh TAKE this shilling… [and]…Let us have no more?!!!”

      Hummm, might work!

      P.S. After just refreshing my memory of the Carroll poem, it occurred to me that you might have related to the preceding stanza(s) even more:

      Little Birds are writing
      Interesting books,
      To be read by cooks:
      Read, I say, not roasted –
      Letterpress, when toasted,
      Loses its good looks.


      Ref: Lewis Carroll – Little Birds or better, The Pig’s Tale, which is the full version of the poem…and should be required reading by anyone who thinks they ‘have a tail’ to tell. ;-)


    • Mum’s the word! (But has little effect, as I recollect, if not preceded by Dum de Dum Dum.) So one more time: Dum de Dum Dum, Mummmm….

      How’s that? (Swelling should go away shortly. However, if not, please contact your local VA center immediately. They will have other means with which to fully deflate your ego…among other things! ;-)


  2. Gabby and I nominated you for the Candle LIghter award, because who deserve it :) you don’t have to do anything, but say “Thank you” ;) have a great holiday. hugs, Autumn

    P.S. You really are oozing humor :)


    • Actually “cabbage from fingertips” implies something that’s not fit to read. But who knows…if eaten (instead of read) it might prove to be a bit more fulfilling. So…I’ll give a shout when its time to share some ‘cabbage stew’ that’s been specially prepared, just for you! ;-)


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