Graphic Stimulation (24)

Graphic Stimulation (24)

With January 1st just around the corner, what is the one thing in your life you’d most wish to leave behind as the new year begins?


19 comments on “Graphic Stimulation (24)

  1. I would really like to leave behind the Unusual Dental Appointment Image to my right! It grosses me out! And I did not know how to tell you.. Thank you for asking and allowing me to open up and speak from the heart! No, I am not kidding. i hate it! Love you, hate the Dental Appt image!! c


    • I measure your being here as a positive step in that direction. And if you should venture to change the background of your site from black to white…I’ll then know for certain that you will, from your cave, have begun to take flight! (Which, by the way, your words quite often both freely and lightfully do. ;-)


  2. Just one thing huh? Let’s see . . . been thinking for a few minutes . . . guess I’ll just leave those pesky dust mites and dust collecting trinkets behind. Oh, throwing in the cobwebs in the corners too . . . :)


    • I would have to say much the same. It was a year that began with an unforeseen and very painful event…from which I’ve learned some things I really didn’t want to know. So I too will say “Goodby” to 2011, “…and hope it doesn’t linger too long in the shadows” of my mind.


    • This is the least thing I’d expect you to say, especially after having read your blog today. With no choice, you’ve had to leave much behind…but fortunately, it seems, not your sense of humor! ;-)


  3. Wow…I have no idea. There’s stuff I didn’t like, but there were some good moments and it’s all entangled and intertwined.
    That said, I’d have to go with Lizziecracked and will be happy to see this year from the other side of December.
    Oh, and Lady Gaga. I have no use for that either.

    Great pic on top!


    • Yeah, it is a great pic! And my first thought when I looked at it was, “what ‘stuff’ do I NOT want to drag into an otherwise very promising new year?” (But I kinda doubt that was the artist’s intent when painting it. ;-)


  4. Wow! What a beautiful graphic!

    As for the question: My choice of what I’d like to leave behind is really quite simple; Washington Politics! I’m a news addict (especially C-Span), but those ex-members of the High School Marching Band* that currently parade through the halls of Congress have so polluted the news with nimrod nonsense that I can hardly watch it anymore. Unfortunately, since there’s nothing I can do to change it, the only way I can ‘leave it behind’ is quit watching it. So…I’ve subscribed to Hulu+ and plan on watching endless reruns of Little House On The Prairie instead. ;-)

    *I know you’ll know what I mean by that! ;-)))


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