Virtual Employment


Want to stop wasting fossil fuel and help end global warming? Easy, just stay home!

Given the surface technology that’s rapidly becoming available, nearly 90% of today’s white-collar workforce will soon no longer find it necessary to be physically present at their workplace in order to do their job. As you will see in the video above, it is now becoming ‘virtually’ possible to be almost anywhere, anytime…and with anyone…without leaving your home.

And this same technology is also about to transform the future of education. Whether its a class at the local grade school, high school, community college, or Harvard Law School, it won’t be any further away than your bedroom wall.

Of course, you won’t see much benefit if you’re a carpenter. But, hey…all you have to do is ‘turn on’ your living room wall and spend a little time learning a new, stay-at-home way to earn your pay! Or maybe holster your hammer and take up card dealing for a virtual casino on your kitchen counter? The possibilities are virtually endless. ;-)


4 comments on “Virtual Employment

    • In 1895 no one could possibly imagine streets not filled with horses, wagons, carts, hitching rails, livery stables, etc. By 1915 no one could possibly imagine a world without cars, trucks, gas stations, and parking lots. Which is still the case…but not for long. So what’s next? An entirely new paradigm! And 10-20 years from now (if we don’t blow the place up in the meantime), cars will have become as scarce as horses. Impossible you think? Nope. Inevitable. And both the need and type of transportation will have morphed beyond current understanding. Just wait and see… ;-)


  1. I love this stuff! This presents the one reason I would like to be a few decades younger. Otherwise, I’m proud to be just exactly where I am – enjoying all the technology I use.


  2. Hey, sign me up! That’s what I’m attempting to do anyway, find a way to generate income without being tied to a specific location, and/or to be able to work from home. I love technology and the amazing things it brings to us. And yes, I know there are down sides…but overall, it is an amazing time to be living! ~ Sheila


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