There’s No Tomorrow?

The choice is hopefully still ours…but not for long. The film below isn’t based on some kind of doomsday speculation (e.g., 2012), but instead is a simple gathering of facts. It is a portrait of reality that most people either can’t, or don’t want to see. But nothing (literally) is more relevant to our future.

So…watch it, think about it, and then start doing something about it. Now!

* * *

The Us Department of Energy Hirsch Report estimates that at least two decades will be needed to prepare for the effects of peak oil. The issues of energy shortages, resource depletion, top-soil loss and pollution are all symptoms of a single larger problem: Growth. As long as our financial system demands endless growth, reform is unlikely to succeed. What then will the future look like?

Optimists believe that growth will continue forever without limits. Pessimists think that we’re heading toward the new stone age, or extinction. The truth will lie between these extremes. It is possible that society might fall back to a simpler state, one in which energy use is a lot less. This would mean a harder life for most, more manual labor, more farm work, and local production of goods, food, and services. What should a person do to prepare for such a possible future?

Expect a decrease in supplies of food, and goods from faraway places. Start walking or cycling. Get used to using less electricity. Get out of debt and try to avoid banks. Instead of shopping in big box stores, support local businesses. Buy food grown locally at farmer’s markets. Instead of a lawn, consider gardening to grow your own food. Learn how to preserve it. Consider the use of a local currency should the larger economy cease to function. In short, develop greater self-sufficiency.

Of course none of these steps will prevent collapse, but they might at least improve your chances of survival in a low-energy future. One in which we’ll have no choice except to become individually and communally self-reliant…as our ancestors once were.


3 comments on “There’s No Tomorrow?

  1. Hmmm. Scary, in some ways. But in other ways, maybe the changes proposed would give people more sanity and time in their daily lives. I am certainly a lover of technology and a lot of the luxuries high energy use gives us. But there are downsides to the fast track too. And the reality is, without changes that demand we change, most people will not do it voluntarily. At least that’s what I think.

    Thanks for a thought provoking post! ~ Sheila


  2. In my humble (and mostly useless) opinion, I think there is a reason why whoever created us, put abundant coal at our disposal. The Creator put oil too…and we are keeping our end of the deal by gulping down as much of it as possible; and as fast as we can.

    In the last decade, much of incremental energy requirements of the planet has been met by Coal. The green-junkies are doing their best to wean us away from coal but I suppose it is difficult to combat abundant supply (if we don’t guzzle all the coal, who will? Assuming we cannot indulge in inter-galactic coal exchange, in the foreseeable future? :))

    We already have abundant food to feed the Earth (~260 kg per person stockpile) and we continue to do our best to augment technology, so we produce more food than we need. We already consume more than we need and we produce more than we need. What shall perish, anyway.

    Abundant coal and peaking oil is perhaps Nature’s way of supplying catalysts needed to ensure Earth’s safe passage to the after-life.


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