Tomorrow’s Next Door


“This film was directed by Faith Morgan, and was released in 2006 by The Community Solution* and is a reflection of the peak oil scenario argued by oil industry experts and political activists, including Matthew Simmons, James Howard Kunstler, and Richard Heinberg. The Cuban economy, heavily dependent on economic aid from the Soviet Union, suffered tremendously following the end of the Cold War [an understatement]. The nation lost half of its oil imports, and 85 percent of its international trade economy. Cuba began a slow recovery focused not on finding new energy sources, but on rejecting consumption in favor of sustainable growth.

Director Faith Morgan, together with the non-profit Community Solutions organization, seeks to educate audiences about peak oil and the inevitable impact it will have on transportation, agriculture, medicine, and other industries.”

Reposted from Wikipedia

*A related group, Small, Local Community, is focused on helping small, local community groups in the U.S. to organize and prepare for the inevitable changes that must be made, and soon. Take a look at their website if you’d like to help ‘jump start’ awareness and the beginning of anticipatory changes in your own community.


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