Evolution vs. Devolution (02)


The meaning of Self-Responsibility is difficult to generalize…mainly because the idea is shaped more by one’s culture (including individual religious beliefs) than it is by one’s self. It is also difficult to disassociate its meaning from a specific time-frame. For example, what might appear to be very self-responsible behavior in the short term can turn out to be just the opposite in the long term (i.e., being “a penny wise, and pound foolish”). And it is that aspect of self-responsible behavior that is writ large in the presentation above. Despite the growing urgency regarding contemporary life-style choices, sustainable food and energy production, etc., it is as nothing when compared to the enormity of the genetic ‘evolution vs. devolution’ decisions that are very rapidly heading our way…


2 comments on “Evolution vs. Devolution (02)

  1. Okay, William… Some of us will want to change our minds a few times. Or even more human, what about asking for all of it?

    Living longer would be an acceptable choice only if I could then teleport.


  2. I like the way he gives the audience permission to do something else if they don’t ‘buy’ the idea of evolution. He has no interest to convert non-believers. He is very cool.

    The idea of determining evolution with technology is both a compliment to human audacity and capacity, but also phenomenally frightening. There are all sorts of consequences that we cannot foresee, and all sorts of prices some of us, or all of us will pay along the line.


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