Graphic Stimulation (27)

When the gloves are off,
and it all comes down to this,
its best to clench your words
within the power of your fist.

For in the end
it is you, not them,
who wins…or not.

And let ’em know
(with a stroke of your wrist)
who’s boss!


7 comments on “Graphic Stimulation (27)

  1. Yes! Vote, or no complaining later! And regardless of who wins, may we all come together on Nov 7 and remember, we’re all in this together, like it or not!

    Like your poetry! ~ Sheila


        • Of course you’re right! If you directly mix red and blue together, a shade of purple is what you’ll see. Regrettably, a color that indicates someone is getting too cold, or finding it hard to breathe.

          But if you dip a white flag of ‘red surrender’ into a pool of solid blue, then a shade of lavender is what you’ll begin to see. Which is a gentle color, though often considered a little too cool to promote widespread felicity.

          But dip a white flag of ‘blue surrender’ into a pool of solid red, and you’ll likely produce a warm shade of pink…which not only implies an ample supply of air to breathe…but also many ‘pinkish’ things to drink (which help to perpetuate any further need to think!) ;-)


  2. I put up a tweet the other day. ‘…watched a gripping battle between a dog and a pig. The doggedness of the pig overpowered the pigheadedness of the dog.’

    It was a real battle.

    I got many responses with people wondering if I was alluding to the presidential debate. There was much discussion on matching man and animal!

    May the worst man not win.

    All the best.


    • Madrid (pronounced MAD-rid) is a tiny town a few miles south of Santa Fe, NM. Originally it was a coal mining town, but once the coal ran out it soon devolved into a run-down collection of largely uninhabited shacks; almost a ghost town, but not quite.

      But about 20 years ago, following the resurgence of Santa Fe as a trendy Southwest art center, Madrid slowly began to re-populate and gradually reshape itself into a kind of post-hippy art community. New-Age galleries, tattoo parlors, and Tarot-reading salons sprang up along the short main street, and many of the outlying shacks were soon occupied by an influx of ‘far-out’ artists.

      I mention this because your comment reminded me of a sign painted on a weathered piece of 1×6 siding from a historic mine shack that had been torn down to make room for a gas station. In an elegant, calligraphic style, the artist (a friend of mine) had painted in fanciful colors “We Don’t Rent Pigs,” and mounted the sign above her studio entrance.

      That sign gradually became widely known as Madrid’s informal ‘Welcoming Slogan’ (i.e., “Ah yes, Madrid…I think that’s the little rundown artist’s colony south of here where they don’t rent pigs!”).

      When asked (as she frequently was) what that meant…her answer was always the same: “Whatever you want.” ;-)


      • Thread of commonality there. :)

        I just stayed silent, letting people perceive what they wanted to. Some swore at me, for referring to one of the candidates as a pig, some had problems with the reference to dog, which they thought was derogatory; even as dog love runs deep in most peoples’ veins and are seen as members of the family!

        Perception is a beautiful thing!


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