Evolution vs. Devolution (05)

Melanie Phillips

[Setting aside the undisguised bias that strongly ‘colors’ her point of view, most of what Melanie says in her latest post (below) is, unfortunately, quite true.]

America goes into the darkness . . .

The greatest satisfaction today over the re-election of Obama is not being felt in the Democratic Party. It is not being felt among the media, who are no longer objective observers but have turned instead into corrupt partisans who ruthlessly censored the truth about Obama and helped peddle his demonising propaganda about his opponent. It is not being felt among the gloating, drooling decadents of the western left who now scent a great blood-letting of all who dare defy their secular inquisition. No, the greatest satisfaction is surely being felt in Iran.

With four more years of Obama in the White House, Iran can now be sure that it will be able to complete its infernal construction of a genocide bomb to use against the Jews and the west. World War Three has now come a lot closer.

It is said that, with likely gridlock in Congress over domestic issues, Obama will concentrate on foreign policy. We should all shudder.

So far, Obama has empowered Iran to destabilise the region; supported Islamist takeovers in Egypt and Libya; is backing al Qaeda affiliates in Syria; refused to come to the aid of Americans being attacked by al Qaeda in Benghazi as a result of which four American officials were murdered; and hung Israel out to dry against its genocidal Palestinian attackers.

A report last month that Obama was secretly negotiating with the Iranian regime took on an even more incendiary aspect a few days ago with a claim that these negotiations were being led by his close friend and adviser, Valerie Jarrett.

If Jarrett was indeed involved, that should strike a deep chill into anyone who has not joined the lemming-like leap over the edge of the western cliff. For Iranian-born Jarrett – who Obama has admitted he consults before he takes any decision and who has been said to act as his ‘spine’ — is a far-leftist with roots deep in the corrupt Chicago Democratic machine.

Indeed, Jarrett has been credited with originally smoothing Obama’s entry into Chicago’s political elite, and is now said to be – despite her background of incompetence and corruption — the most influential person in his circle.

There have also been claims that she advised Obama against killing Osama bin Laden, which although unsubstantiated are all too credible. If this wholly ill-equipped and sinister individual really has been leading secret negotiations with Iran – raising the fear that far from preventing Iranian nuclear terrorism Obama intends to allow the regime a face saving compromise under cover of which it will finish building its nuclear weapon – then Obama’s perfidy against the west really is as bad as some of us feared from the start.

Four years ago, America put into the White House a sulky narcissist with an unbroken history of involvement in thuggish, corrupt, far-left, black power, Jew-bashing, west-hating politics.

Obama’s agenda has been crystal clear from the get-go: to increase the power of the state over the citizen at home, and to neutralise American power abroad. Four more years of this and he’ll almost certainly have succeeded. The impact upon western security could be cataclysmic.

Britain and the Europeans love Obama because they think he will end American exceptionalism and turn the US into a pale shadow of themselves. What they don’t realise is that, all but lobotomised by consumerist rights, state dependency, victim culture, sentimentality, post-religion, post-nationalism and post-Holocaust and Empire guilt, Britain and Europe are themselves fast going down the civilisational tubes.

Romney lost because he refused to provide an alternative to any of this for fear of being labelled a warmonger, flint-heart or social reactionary. He refused to engage with any of the issues that made this Presidential election so truly momentous. Up against the bullying of the totalitarian left, he ran for cover. He played safe, and as a result only advertised his own weakness and dishonesty. Well, voters can smell inconsistency from a mile away; they call it untrustworthiness, and they are right.

Romney lost because, like Britain’s Conservative Party, the Republicans just don’t understand that America and the west are being consumed by a culture war. In their cowardice and moral confusion, they all attempt to appease the enemies within. And from without, the Islamic enemies of civilisation stand poised to occupy the void.

With the re-election of Obama, America now threatens to lead the west into a terrifying darkness.

For some reason the above reminds me of the comment I made on a recent post by Hermit Haven, titled “You Think You’re Free.”

“No, you ain’t free. You’re just a tiny part of a community. Like a bee, the hive takes care of ye. Of course you’re free to fly away. But where would you go? Where would you stay? What would you do? Who would you pay? (And who would pay you?) So buckle up son. Quit thinking about free-dom. You can’t dance to your own drum. ‘Cause you ain’t got one.”


3 comments on “Evolution vs. Devolution (05)

  1. Sad, scary, reality…nowhere to go, I agree with you. My husband wrote in “none of the above” on his ballot. The financial picture of the country alone is frightening, never mind the thought of crazy leaders in 3rd world countries with bombs. It may take a day or two for me to recover my usual sunny outlook. ~ Sheila


    • As those who are still reeling from the aftermath of ‘Sandy’ have learned, if you can’t avoid the coming storm, at least do all you can to prepare for it! But regrettably, most found it easier to trivialize the ‘forecast’ instead.

      A cultural devolution IS taking place, like it or not, believe it or not. And the only practical counter to that trend won’t be found in the ‘politically expedient’ expansion of ‘safety-nets’ (FEMA for example), but in re-engaging personal responsibility instead. For the only effective counter to cultural devolution is personal evolution; i.e., from strong, self-reliant individuals do strong cultures grow. So is the opposite equally, unavoidably true.

      Case in point: Who, with foresight, would build their house upon a beach? Or buy from one who did? (Ring a bell? ;-)

      P.S. If you click on “A Sign Of The Times” (the widget to the right of this) I think you’ll find a slightly more ‘sharpened’ example of the accelerating decline in personal responsibility. In contrast I can’t help but think of my mother (“A Most Admirable Woman”)…who would use a teabag until it no longer colored the water. And then she would put it in a pot to compost…for future use in the garden.


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