Graphic Stimulation (28)


The President of the United States has just signed into law a new bill that for the first time legalizes human cloning. However there still remains one very contentious provision in the bill which requires all future clones to be produced with specified ‘behavioral’ strings attached. This provision was very strongly supported by left-leaning ‘Pinocchioists’ who favor complete governmental control over all aspects of the nation’s educational system.

(Note: Google “No Child Left Unstrung” to gain further insight into the controversy surrounding what is rapidly becoming known as the ‘Entanglement Provision’ of the nation’s provocative new human cloning law.)

* * *

The above is a comment I made in response to Picture It & Write by Ermilia


7 comments on “Graphic Stimulation (28)

    • The ‘truth’ is in what the photo itself projects; i.e., a State and/or religiously defined mindset…and how it is, puppet-like, passed on to the next generation. Thus a kind of state-sponsored ‘cloning.’

      At the same time it shows a bit of natural resistance to that mindset (e.g., eyeshadow, lipstick, black fingernails, etc.), which has also been ‘passed’ to the ‘clone’ below.

      In short, I immediately saw it as an unusually ‘graphic’ example of the ongoing conflict between Human vs. Cultural Identity (aka ‘Conformity’).


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