New Age Of Enlightenment (04)


9 comments on “New Age Of Enlightenment (04)

  1. Did you create this piece? It’s very interesting, and I’d love to know the sources of the imagery. It looks like there are some collaged parts, and maybe some painted parts. Not sure. Thought-provoking, to say the least.


  2. I ‘created’ it only in the sense that I patched together three individual graphics. The top section is a cropped version of a larger graphic (with more background). In the graphic below the only thing I added was the ‘swimmer.’ Otherwise it remains the same as the original (which was about 25% smaller as I recall). I probably still have the un-cropped originals, but it is doubtful that I have the links to their online location. Mostly because I just randomly save interesting graphics that I come across…and then periodically browse through them and pick one that seems to fit whatever idea I have in mind at the time.


    • Truth be told, I instantly saw the ‘library-as-a-dam’ graphic as the perfect metaphor for a truism that’s been lodged in my mind since I was a teenager: “Beliefs shape the boundaries of our imagination…beyond which it may not go.” (Or in this case, ‘flow.’ ;-)


      • Well, that’s a pretty advanced concept for a teenager. I think you are (and were) an old soul! I recognize that quality, I’ve lived with some of those people! Good for you…but it can be lonely at times, too, to see the world differently than most people. ~ Sheila


        • “…but it can be lonely at times…to see…differently…” In my case, its been most of the time. In fact I can recall only one time–which lasted for about an hour–when I didn’t feel that way. It was on an afternoon in the late 80’s. My girlfriend at the time decided we should sit down across from each other, each take an ‘ecstasy’ pill, and then have an open, no-holes-barred conversation to try to iron out our differences. Reluctantly (mostly because I wasn’t ‘into’ drugs), I agreed. So we each took a pill, and then began to talk. But it wasn’t very long before the talking slowed…and then it stopped. We just sat there, not touching, quietly looking at each other. And that’s when we slowly began to merge…into one.

          I never did that again, but the experience left me with an understanding that making a genuine connection with another is possible…if you can discover a way (hopefully without drugs) to look beyond your “Me,” and begin to see (and feel) our “We.”

          So…while ‘under the influence’ that day, and just briefly, I didn’t feel alone. And neither did she. But how to accomplish that, in an everyday way…remains a mystery.

          (Just thinking about this reminds me of a graphic I did a few years ago in an attempt to ‘poetically’ capture what I mean. You can see it by clicking here… ;-)


  3. Yes, We and Me…My husband has felt alone most of his life…we sometimes are in sync, but often he’s lonely…told you I’ve lived with old souls!
    So do you do your own artwork? Very impressive! ~ Sheila


    • No doubt its a little ‘trying’ at times. Or so I’ve (often) been told! ;-)

      Yes, some of the graphics are original (the Me/We for example). But for most of my blog posts I usually just ‘creatively blend’ some interesting graphics I’ve found online…like the one above.


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