Evolution vs. Devolution (07)


Finger-Pointing vs. Self-Responsibility

After the Titanic hit the iceberg the Captain was notified that the boiler room was beginning to flood. He immediately issued orders for the crew to begin dismantling the upper decks and to throw them overboard. He said it would lighten the ship, increase its speed, and thus enable them to return safely to port.

But when passengers on the upper decks heard of his plan, they immediately rushed to the bridge and insisted that it was the decks below the waterline–especially the ones that were actually leaking–that should be discarded. After all, it was they, not the upper decks, which were causing the ship to sink.

By that time the passengers on the middle decks had become aware of what was going on, and began a heated discussion about which of the two plans was best. Those in cabins well above the waterline easily agreed with the idea of discarding the decks below. But those closer to the water naturally favored the Captain’s insistence on removing the upper decks instead.

In the meantime a few passengers looked out of their port holes, noticed the increasing tilt of the ship, and decided it might be best to put on their life jackets, get into a lifeboat and row themselves back to land. Which is what they did. But by the time the argument raging on the bridge had concluded, and a decision reached, they had rowed too far away to see which decks, once removed, would best serve to righten (or leften) a sinking ship.

* * *

Don’t have a life jacket? Don’t have a Lifeboat? Maybe the time has come to forget all the finger-pointing and spend that time instead on learning how best to acquire, and use them (e.g., NationalHomesteadProject.org)


7 comments on “Evolution vs. Devolution (07)

    • The challenge for those of us who ‘get it’ is to act accordingly; i.e., independent of the ‘stay the course’ mentality that rules the general population (not to mention those who control the ‘bridge’). But that’s the hard part, because almost no one has their own lifeboat anymore, much less any idea of how to row one, if they did. And I admit that its easy to talk about, but not so easy to do. But I’m working on it. And you? ;-)


      • I find that we do all that arguing while the ship sinks because we’ve been told that this adversarial approach is the best way to save ourselves/save others/find the truth. We waste all our energy on competing and fighting instead of pooling our resources and thoughts and ideas to help us work out solutions that work for everyone. So I don’t have a life boat and I doubt that I’d be much of a rower but I still feel as if I spend my life standing on the deck watching the chaos and trying to think of ways to encourage people to work together to stop the ship sinking!


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