Nonsense Verse (05)


The Perfect Pill

I don’t know,
But if I had
Some beans to sow,
I’d be grateful for
Those beans to grow.

But on the other hand,
If I were member of a band,
I’d wish to have a
Tiny flute to blow.

And what about you?
What would you do
If you had a magic wand,
Or a wishing pond?
Would the Nymph respond
To your request to
Put an end to snow?

And that’s when the Snowman said,
“Hey, wait a minute, do you want
to see me dead?”

To which you replied,
“Who gives a damn if
you live or die?”

“I do!” said the Shrew.
As he unbuckled and
Threw his shoe at you,
While smiling at the sky.

And upon seeing that,
Edward Lear did tip his hat,
And was heard to say,
From a place far away,
“I wish I’d thought of that!”

* * *

The above composed on the fly,
by my (then 9yo) daughter and I,
To help ease the pain in her head,
And replace her migraine instead
With some silly pie from the sky.


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