Gun Control Explained

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2 comments on “Gun Control Explained

  1. Good points…scary to hear some of these suggestions for gun control put forth in a serious way, as I know is being done all over the country. I’m not a gun owner myself, but it seems valid that those who choose to be shouldn’t be made to feel like they are the criminals. ~ Sheila


    • The U.S. Constitution was a historical first. When that group of people got together it was to decide how best to put an end to a history of the ‘common man’ being ruled by some form of mafia…whether from a castle on ‘the hill,’ a cathedral, or both. They understood that the best (and only) way a mafia could gain and sustain control is if its members were the only ones with the swords, or muskets, or whatever. And while the ‘framers’ did their very best to define a new form of government ‘by and for the people,’ they also understood quite well that no matter how well-tilled the garden, weeds will grow. And, without resistance will eventually, inevitably, take control. Which is what this issue (not to mention a few others) is all about. ;-)


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