Evolution vs. Devolution (11)


Dangerous Toys In The Hands Of Children . . .

The above presentation makes it clear that what it is to be human has already begun to change…and will inevitably continue to do so in ways we can hardly understand, much less foresee or control. And while there remains a general assumption that control over all future genetic modification(s) will remain in the hands of highly trained and responsible people (i.e., government-funded scientists), that assumption has about the same credibility as does the Iranian claim that development of nuclear energy is only intended for peaceful purposes.

In short, hang on to your hat, the world as we know it is definitely well on its way into the Twilight Zone.

* * *

For an imaginative example of what may lie ahead in our rapidly evolving ‘genetically-modified’ future, you might want to take a look at this…

(If the link above doesn’t work, go to Netflix.com and do a search for Doctor Who “The End Of The World”)


3 comments on “Evolution vs. Devolution (11)

  1. Very, very interesting! I love TED…I always feel challenged and/or uplifted by the talks I’ve seen broadcast. Thank you for sharing!
    One of the things I think this highlights…have we asked “should we?” or are we just asking “could we?” I think some of the possibilities presented are encouraging and positive…but also have potential for negative. I hope that very wise people ask the right questions as these new frontiers are explored and developed. Because, as was pointed out….the general public probably won’t be aware of the testing and research being done. Until suddenly… ~ Sheila


    • “I hope that very wise people ask the right questions…” The potential for devastating results is bad enough in the hands of even the most thoughtful people. What’s of much greater concern is the ‘experimenting’ that is already beginning to take place at the ‘garage’ level. The rapid growth of innovative 3-D printing is a good example, as the most noteworthy uses of that explosive technology is beginning to appear outside of any controlled environment. Couple that with the growing ease of spreading information on the internet…and the need for ‘genetically isolated’ bunkers may not be very far away. ;-(


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