Graphic Stimulation (29)

Aunt Jane

There was a large woman from Payne
Who was seldom known to complain
About the shape of her hair
Or the size of her head…
Until she awoke one morning
And discovered her husband had fled.

* * *

The above was my first try at sketching a story-board graphic using the online program (appropriately named)PsykoPaint.


2 comments on “Graphic Stimulation (29)

  1. Hmmm…will have to check this out…don’t have much skill in the realm of art! But maybe I could improve with some digital magic! Thanks for sharing, and great first effort! ~ Sheila


    • I happened on this program (PsykoPaint) by accident, and did this sketch (which took about 10 seconds) just to try out the various brush styles offered. But somehow the result fueled my imagination, and from it flowed this ‘limerick from nowhere.’ So, a graphics program that also causes you to hear voices? Hummmm…. ;-)


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