The Skin of Life


You know what you believe
And believe what you know
Thus round in a circle
Does your knowledge go.

Whether bright or dim
Thick or thin
Your life is lived
Within your skin.


5 comments on “The Skin of Life

    • Press on? Yes indeed! The more we ‘press,’ the more cider we have to drink. After all…

      What better use of a handle to turn
      than to squeeze a sweet drink
      from an apple, peach or prune?

      (Or, occasionally, from a few well-picked words ;-)


  1. So very true. We think we choose the life we live and are controlling it . But I suggest that this life choose us. We did not choose to be born, our name, our parents, siblings, physical condition, gender, hair or eye color, our early upbringing that defined the resulting adult, etc. etc. We do not control the millions of bodily functions sustaining us constantly. We do not control all those unexpected events occurring in our lives daily which sometimes greatly alters our purpose or perspective.

    I believe we are mere observers as Consciousness expresses through the contrast of duality. I strongly suspect that if we control anything at all it is in how we respond to “what is” or what we are given and that being either acceptance or resistance.


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