About (intro)

William Lawson
She was irritated
by something I’d said (or left unsaid) and demanded to know why I was being so difficult, so…different, so damned unknowable.

“Probably,” I replied, “because I was born young, and haven’t aged much since.”

She laughed, and said “What the hell does that mean? You see…that’s exactly what I’m talking about. You never give a direct, intelligible answer to anything.” – Read more about . . .

11 comments on “About (intro)

  1. Hi William,

    Thanks for dropping by Scotianightpoetry and reading “The Summit” – I have not written in a while due to health issues so it’s great to get such positive feedback.

    Over the coming days I intend reading more of your amusing and informative material..Brian


  2. I know one of the places I will be spending my free time! Your writing is amusing and clever and I have throughly enjoyed what I have read so far. Thanks for heading my way I hope you visit often as well. :-)


  3. Marriage is a collision between two vastly different worlds One male one female It is a life long effort to keep things not in harmony but rather in a state of adjustment It maters not what the male says or does not say The female auditory system and intuition garble male signals resulting in hurt feelings resentment divorce etc On site a constant state of adjustment has to be maintained and closely monitored See World Peace Bulletin 12A- 601 Revised March 12th 1989


    • You’re right of course. For example, when I would frown (or growl) and point left, she would invariably look right. So I soon learned to smile before sweetly pointing away from anything I wanted her to see. (It worked every time!) So, yes, achieving harmony does require a willingness to adopt a somewhat fluid sense of ‘reasoned’ behavior. But even more important, of course, is to jointly cultivate (and then sustain) a genuine sense of humor. ;-)


  4. Dear William,

    I thoroughly enjoy your posts and felt compelled to nominate you for an Award. I particularly appreciate your thought-provoking content (which is rare), they always make me pause and ponder. Very welcome, indeed.

    When you have a moment, I hope you can hop over for a read:

    I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Irrespective of whether your decision to accept/decline the award, I shall remain a faithful visitor!


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