The Riddle
What’s the relative importance or meaning of a piece of music? Five For Fighting’s “The Riddle,” for example…
Echos From 1802
A Beethoven Bagatelle (Opus 33-1), coaxed and recorded a few years ago from my dusty Clavinova.
on-appearances_rnd-thumb On Appearances
A sideways look at this culture’s pre-occupation with makeup and physical adornments.
human-vs-cultural-identity_rnd-thumb Human vs. Cultural Identity
Exploring the impact of acculturation on one’s core (human) identity.
smell-of-light_rnd-thumb The Smell Of Light
What might be discovered if one sniffed outside the “illuminated” boundaries of our imagination.
born-young_rnd-thumb Born Young
She was irritated by something I’d said (or left unsaid) and demanded to know why I was being so difficult, so…
laura_rnd-thumb What Dreams May Come
Sometimes life melts into fantasy, then back again, almost before you notice…
grass-roots_rnd-thumb Grass Roots
All politics are local, which explains both the source and depth of our national ignorance…
sign-of-the-times_rnd-thumb Sign Of The Times
Each day on my way to work I pass a one-mile stretch of freeway that is lined on both sides with…
lucille_rnd-thumb1 A Most Admirable Woman
To the best of my knowledge my mother never spoke poorly of anyone…

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