Echos From 1802

A Beethoven Bagatelle (Opus 33-1), coaxed and recorded from my dusty Clavinova a few years ago. A little polishing of ‘finger work’ was done using FL Studio 8 (aka “Fruity Loops”), and the slide show created with Camtasia Studio 6.

This presentation is what I would call a ‘sound’ reminder of how Information Technology has functioned fairly well over the years without need for ‘high tech,’ or related acronyms. Nonetheless, “geeks” throughout the centuries have played a “pivotal” role in passing information forward to future generations. As you will see below:

3 comments on “Echos From 1802

  1. This bagatelle demonstrates how much more proficient you are in handling the technical possibilities of the internet than I am, as the passing of the music through many hands is very impressive. You’ll have to tell me how you do something like this when I see you later this year. I also wonder where these “Food for Thought” and “Outside the Box” pieces come from.


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