How To Make A Life

Would you like to live your life instead of earning a living? No problem, just follow these five easy steps:

Step 1 - Quit your job...

(Skip this step if you don’t have a job)

Step 2 - Sell your house...

(Skip this step if you don’t own a house)

Step 3 - Buy some cheap land...

(Skip this step if you don’t have any money)

Step 4 - Build yourself a small cottage

(Skip this step if you don’t know how to build anything)

Step 5 - Plant a robust garden...

(Skip this step if you don’t know how to grow anything)
* * *

And that’s all there is to it!
You can now begin directly making your living instead of ‘earning’ it.

Of course if you’ve skipped one or more of the steps above, you may not be entirely happy with the end result…especially if you’ve skipped steps 3-5. In which case you may want to return and quickly undo step number one. Unless, of course, you skipped that one too. In which case, you may want to begin ‘making’ your life by taking up residence in a dumpster (preferably one conveniently located behind a fast food restaurant).

4 comments on “How To Make A Life

  1. You skipped to mention step 0 : Have a super job that helps you save a lot… :lol:
    In case there’s no job/house/car to quit/sell the theory does not work… It might not work also if all steps are followed, but the person has no marketing talent…
    Nice article, we can all dream :)


    • No marketing talent? Ah…but you miss the point, for the goal is to become positioned such that you can rely entirely on yourself to directly produce all (and only) what you need to directly live your life, rather than spending considerably more of your time ‘earning a living.’

      In the Willamette Valley (Oregon…known as the Pioneer State) I am reminded daily as I pass a historical museum of the many people who originally came to this area with little more than a cart, a cow and an axe. And, of course, most of the middle and eastern states were initially populated by people with a similar desire to leave the ‘bee hive’ behind, and make a life of their own. And you know what? It is boundlessly easier to do that today than it was then. Now, all that’s required is an equivalent mind-set. As the saying goes: “The only thing that stands in the way of rolling up one’s sleeves…is a desire to do so.” ;-)


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