Ascia - Simplicity

This is my 12-yo daughter’s response to a question on a Home School (online) test she took a few days ago; i.e., “Please choose a word, define its meaning, and then do a quick sketch that illustrates it.”


Graphic Stimulation (32)


Killing Time

When you want to do something
but don’t know exactly
what you want to do,
instead of doing nothing
you keep doing something
that you really don’t want to do.

So to who
are You
being true?

* * *

What Is Life?

What is Life

What is Life?

Life is what you believe it to be,
Until you believe otherwise.

What is Love?

Love is what you feel it to be,
Until you feel otherwise.

What is Reality?

Reality is what you see it to be,
Until you see otherwise.

What is Death?

Death is what you think it will be,
Until you think no more.

* * *