Mental Exercise

Mental Exercise


Miss Interpretation


Yesterday afternoon when I was out walking with my girlfriend I let go of her arm briefly to grab my iPhone and take this photo. She got really mad, walked away and didn’t talk to me for the rest of the day. I still can’t figure out what her problem was…I mean, how often do you have a chance to take a picture of a dog driving a car?

Point Of View (01)

Time To Swarm

Pointing Fingers

Bees swarm when a hive runs out of honey.
But before that occurs, do they see it coming,
or do anything to prepare?

And when it happens,
who do they blame?
The queen?
The hive?
The countryside?

Of course they shouldn’t blame themselves.
After all, they’re just bees. Right?

* * *

(Read an excellent article on: Self-Responsibility)