Impulsive Writing (21)

What does it mean to care?
(A snake without hair?)

Meeting another’s needs,
where does it start,
and where does it stop?
Does anyone really care,
or is it all thin air?

Like books on a shelf,
seething between covers
to be read, but only used
for decoration instead.

Getting needs met, or not?
Depends on who’s being asked,
or told. And when.
So what does it mean?
Not much, it seems.

Like the wind, it comes and
goes. And always feels coldest
when you’re wearing no clothes.

If there’s a moral it’s this:

Want only what you can get,
and give only what you can.

Don’t trade birds in bushes
for those in your hand.

If you’d like to give or get more,
that’s what dreams are for.

* * *

The ‘down under’ film Alexandra’s Project is a must see…if you can tolerate an unclothed rendition of reality.